Just AI Conversational Framework

Open source Kotlin-based framework by Just AI for conversational assistants and chatbots development

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All you need to build context-aware agents


Kotlin-based DSL enables you to create context-aware dialogues in a declarative manner


Works with any NLU engine and channels like Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger and others


JAICF is open-source and available under the Apache 2.0 license, meaning it is free for everyone

How to start

JAICF provides you with ready-to-use libraries to build a conversational project for any voice and chat platform. All you need is to start with our Wiki and samples.

Get started

Make these simple steps

Add JAICF libraries to your build.gradle

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Create a simple dialogue scenario using Kotlin DSL

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Run your dialogue as a Kotlin application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is JAICF free?

Yes! JAICF is free to use even for commercial purposes. It is available under the Apache 2.0 license..

What languages does it support?

JAICF works with any language due to integrations with many NLU engines that recognize a user's requests.

How does it differ from Dialogflow and Rasa?

JAICF is not an NLU engine or messenger. It is a dialogue manager that enables to create context-aware agents with any third-party NLU engine like Dialogflow or Rasa.

What voice assistants and messengers does it support?

JAICF features ready-to-use libraries for Amazon Alexa, Google Actions, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and others. Moreover, it is open-source and can be easily extended with new channels and integrations.


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